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Future of Industrial Design Summit

27 november 2019 om 09:00 17:00

Future of Industrial Design Summit

The development of industrial design is the result of the Second Industrial Revolution. This era is also known as the Technological Revolution where mass production was made possible due to rapid advancements. Mass production implies each product is identical, as intended by the designer. It is the designer’s ingenuity to unify form, function and economic producibility. The end result is the optimal combination of aesthetics, practicality and affordability. The Third Digital Industrial Revolution broadened the focus area, work field and possibilities of industrial designers. Nevertheless, the general concept of industrial design was kept upright: design of mass or serial produced goods.

In 2011 during the world’s largest technology fair, the “Hannover Messe”, the term “Industrie 4.0” was introduced and in 2013 officialised by industrial superpower Germany. The Fourth Industrial Revolution was born. Artificial intelligence, connectivity and computerisation link resources, information, objects and people.

An example: you are sitting at your breakfast table and wonder why this is not a multimedia table which gives you easy access to traffic information or news or opens your garage door remotely. You make a first draft of such a multimedia table and send it to a virtual network of designers and manufacturers. Advanced algorithms find an available and specialized designer in this field. Then augmented reality models from different designs are being sent to you. Meanwhile, the delivery time is calculated based on data of all concerned parties. When you press on the order button you know the next morning you will be sitting at your new “smart” table.

What does this new revolution mean for the design process and the design profession? It is still too early to give a good answer to this question. However, “Industrie 4.0” will only be successful when there are good designers who are familiar with all new technologies. This is not only a real challenge which requires renewing the design education with possibly only virtual design teams but this is also a creative opportunity since “Industrie 4.0” could lead to more personal product design.

Where technology used to enable mass production and the availability of universal industrial designs to a large public, “Industrie 4.0” results in more personalised product design. This implies not only an opportunity to reduce the excess of unused goods on earth, but also to better cater consumer needs.

And the name of this new era of industrial design?

Industrial Design 4.0.


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This event is made possible with the help of Province of Limburg.

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This event is part of Cube’s IMPACT! program, a series of activities linked to the ongoing and future exhibtions of Cube design museum. It’s goal: connecting business, education & creative industries. In 2019 the program focusses on the themes Luxus, Nature and Aging Society. The particpating speakers are closely connected to the working field. Their projects ar not only innovative and dispruptive, but also realistic and will therefore be appealling to a broad public. Participants are invited and challenged to not only listen, but actively engage during the events by means of discussions and questions.


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